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Newtricious R&D originated from an agricultural background in the Limburg Oirlo. The family company, founded in 1956, was originally a combined company for horticulture and egg production. Over the years, the focus shifted towards the production of eggs.

In 1990 the son and his wife took over the company. Together they developed the company into one of the largest egg production companies in the Netherlands.

Science and the natural properties of eggs fascinated them, making them wanting more than just produce and sell eggs. In 1995, they started the search for the added value of eggs, which led them to study the possible application of eggs in specialized nutrition for the prevention of chronic diseases.

Newtricious R&D was founded in 2006, with the aim to develop innovations in nutrition, which contribute to better health and well-being. Newtricious is a Dutch Life Sciences company that collaborates with leading scientists, innovative companies, organizations and public authorities.
Via well-designed clinical studies that meet pharma standards, Newtricious is working towards securing regulatory health claims (EFSA, FDA, FOSHU) in almost all of its’ development programs. Meaning that the product developments meet the strict regulations concerning health claims. Newtricious established an interesting portfolio of Intellectual Property: patented products for 'Healthy Aging' (eye health & cognition) , vascular health and a promising pipeline in the area of brain health.
The two leading development products are MacuView® for 'Healthy Aging' and NewtriFlow® for vascular health. 

Newtricious works with strategic partnerships with commercial companies in key regions and countries including Europe, Japan and the USA.